What to see in Slovenia

Slovenia is a small country located north-east of Italy and has several things to see.

Despite being a country of the former Yugoslavia, dute to its landscape and the quality of services and tourist facilities, it seems to be in Austria.

Below is the list of 5 things not to be missed in Slovenia, which can be visited in the three-four days of a “long weekend”.

1. Postojna Cave

Postojna Cave is one of the most important natural wonder in Europe: there are over 20 km of caves and tunnels (the largest in Europe).

The visit is spectacular, starting from the fact that it is done on board an electric train, with a round trip of over 4 km. Inside there are obviously immense rooms, stalactites and stalagmites. You can also see a completely blind strange animal, the proteus, which looks like something out of an X Files.

2. Castle of Predjama

Predjama Castle (Predjamski Grad) is on this list both because it has a spectacular location and because it is located about ten kilometers from the Postojna caves and, therefore, it would be a shame not to visit it.

As mentioned above, the castle is particular and extremely photogenic: it was built close to (and inside) a cave, overhanging a 123-metre high rock wall.

3. Ljubljana

Ljubljana is a typically Central European city; it is a medium-sized city, but which retains the advantages of a small town.

It is a very green city with large public parks, with a beautiful historic centre, enlivened by very “lively” shops and clubs, which are found above all along the riverside.

4. Lake of Bled

Lake Bled is a small alpine pearl, ideal for a relaxing walk away from the traffic on the approximately 6 km long paved cycle/pedestrian path; along the promenade you can stops in the numerous cafes, as well sunbath and swim in the (not numerous) beaches.

However, the best way to appreciate this lake is to go to Bled Island, probably the most photographed attraction in the whole of Slovenia. This is a small island with a church on its top. The islet can only be reached by rowing boat, which can be rented at the numerous rentals, or by group cruise.

5. Trekking to the view point of Osojnica e Ojstrica in Bled

If you are in Bled you cannot miss this trekking, on a typical mountain path, which leads to spectacular view points above Lake Bled (Osojnica and Ojstrica).

This excursion is spectacular because you reach the places where are taken the most famous photos of Lake Bled and its island.


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